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I don’t plan on doing too much of this, but there are some posts from the old sites that I really like and want to keep around and refer to occasionally. So I’m going to add them here with the rough original post dates. But I don’t plan to completely recreate the old sites. ┬áThis new site is meant to be about new content and new adventures.

So…Buckle Up!


Trying out WordPress.com

So…I’ve had no blog or any place to post thoughts since I took my old site down, and it’s been a struggle. I don’t write much, but I do like having a place to share thoughts, and better yet, keep thoughts.

My latest brainstorm has been my 10 year plan. I’m going to hit 50 next year, and I really need to start thinking about retirement. To that end, I’ve been working on my next 10 years and what I need / want to accomplish. In a word:


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The Sublime Regex

Sublime Text is a really wonderful text editor. It’s flexible and extensible enough to cover just about any need, but still simple and clean to use. This post is not a long discussion about either text editors or regular expressions, but a simple post about a problem I needed to tackle and the simple solution.

I pulled a bunch of data from our issue tracking software, and I needed to create a simple list of all the issues resolved and the person assigned the issue. Simple. I grabbed the text I needed from the csv file created, then used a simple find/replace in Sublime Text to put the text in the format I ultimately wanted.

The change is simple. I have a long list of issue summaries followed by a comma and the persons name. All I want to do is find the last comma in each line and replace the comma with a colon and a space.

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Looking At a Python Pelican

shutterstock_98600762I really like the static version of the site. It’s so much easier to support and configure. I can tweak to my hearts content. Jekyll is a wonderful platform, and Octopress is a great framework on Jekyll. However, ruby isn’t my strength. I’ve fiddled with ruby in the past, but I don’t love it. It is a great language, just not for me.

If I’m perfectly honest, I love perl. Perl was an early first love, and is still a terrific language, but the static site generators in perl are limited. I did take a look at Blosxom, but there isn’t a large number of active users. I did find one site with current posts built using Blosxom, so it’s still out there.

Python is a close second in my list of favorite programming languages. It’s strictly typed, lovely to read, and quite popular.

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Common MySQL Queries

I ran across this terrific resource. Common MySQL Queries.

Tons of great examples…for example:

Age in years

Given a birthdate in @dob, here are two simple formulae for age in years:

Date_format( From_Days( To_Days(Curdate()) - To_Days(@dob) ), '%Y' ) + 0

Year(Curdate()) - Year(@dob) - ( Right(Curdate(),5) < Right(@dob,5) )

and here is one for age in years to two decimal places, ignoring day of month:

Round((((Year(now()) - Year(@dob)))*12 + (((Month(now()) - Month(@dob)))))/12, 2)


The Galaxy Note II After a Week or So

shutterstock_119270362smallThe thing is huge! I know I’ve said that a dozen times already, but it is ridiculously large. Its the same (almost) screen size as my kindle touch. For someone without an iPad, the extra screen real estate might be nice, but as a phone, it is just way too big.

There are a couple of features that I really do like. For example, a setting will mute the phone if it is sitting facedown on the desk. I don’t know where the setting is, I was hoping to find it and include as part of the post, but I can’t find it. I know about it because a popup shortly after I started using the phone told me about the feature and offered to activate it.

I cracked and I’m back on my iPhone full time.

The android operating system has great potential, and the samsung phone is nice. It’s light, plastic and easy to hold. But it is just not for me. For several reason. Primarily, the quality of the applications is not the same. After so many years of smartphone use, I really rely on the device day in and day out for various tasks, and the applications and infrastructure to get those tasks done on the iPhone just work. That’s what I want. That’s what I look for. I look for a device that gets the job done, gets it done well, and still makes me think, “Wow!” every time I pick it up. To me, that’s the iPhone.


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