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Living the Life: Curtis Westsail

I ran across the “Curtis Westsail” channel on youtube a few months ago, and quickly felt I’d found a kindred spirit. Writing at Live Aboard Boats, and posting videos on his youtube channel, Captian Curt has been sharing his adventure as he struggles to free himself from the normal cycle of life, mortgages, work stress, debt….

How I Navigate My Notes in VIM

At the core of Getting Things Done is having a system you trust. My system revolves around a core of text files I can access from my laptop, desktop, and mobile devices. I keep my notes and thoughts in text files, generally in markdown format, in a Notes folder in Dropbox.

The View From The Top

I worked from home today, and needed a break around lunch time, so I walked to the top of the apartment complex parking garage. It's the first time I visited the top floor, so I commemorated the event with a few pictures. Enjoy!

Marriage: What Is It Good For?

Kudos to the Supreme Court yesterday ruling correctly that equality is a constitutional right under the law, and not something to be argued about and applied willy-nilly. I know I'm just whispering to the wind, but it is important to keep this point going forward: This fight has never been about religion. Marriage in this country is not restricted to a specific religious sect or group, and likewise, it is not defined by a specific group.

It's Not Healthy

I feel like I've written this blog post before...probably more than once, but I do not feel that FaceBook is a health environment for me. I've removed the app from my phones, and am only visiting the site a couple of times a week to check for messages. On the plus side, this gives me a chance to be more active on twitter, so follow me / direct message me there, if interested.


Yep, that says 100F. That's smoldering for north Florida this time of year.  Enjoy!
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Vim Today

I was doing some theme cleanup and ran across this old post about VIM, and thought I would share what my setup looks like today. I don’t do much programming these days, but I still do quite a bit of note taking, writing, and organizing. My 10 Year Plan is all about organization at this point.