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How I Navigate My Notes in VIM

At the core of Getting Things Done is having a system you trust. My system revolves around a core of text files I can access from my laptop, desktop, and mobile devices. I keep my notes and thoughts in text files, generally in markdown format, in a Notes folder in Dropbox.

The View From The Top

I worked from home today, and needed a break around lunch time, so I walked to the top of the apartment complex parking garage. It's the first time I visited the top floor, so I commemorated the event with a few pictures. Enjoy!

Marriage: What Is It Good For?

Kudos to the Supreme Court yesterday ruling correctly that equality is a constitutional right under the law, and not something to be argued about and applied willy-nilly. I know I'm just whispering to the wind, but it is important to keep this point going forward: This fight has never been about religion. Marriage in this country is not restricted to a specific religious sect or group, and likewise, it is not defined by a specific group.

It's Not Healthy

I feel like I've written this blog post before...probably more than once, but I do not feel that FaceBook is a health environment for me. I've removed the app from my phones, and am only visiting the site a couple of times a week to check for messages. On the plus side, this gives me a chance to be more active on twitter, so follow me / direct message me there, if interested.


Yep, that says 100F. That's smoldering for north Florida this time of year.  Enjoy!
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Vim Today

I was doing some theme cleanup and ran across this old post about VIM, and thought I would share what my setup looks like today. I don’t do much programming these days, but I still do quite a bit of note taking, writing, and organizing. My 10 Year Plan is all about organization at this point.